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Posted by Hannah Lapin on Dec 8, 2017 2:24:14 PM


Overwhelmed with all of the paperwork involved with being a landlord? As many landlords have already discovered, ezlandlordforms.com provides free, verified and trusted documents for real estate investors managing their own properties. Vetted through attorneys and regulations checks, the documents available on the website include everything from rental applications and full leases to late notices and eviction notices. To download these free forms, all you have to do is create an account.

The feedback we receive is that we make our customers’ jobs easier,” said Brian Davis, Vice President of ezLandlordForms. “It’s gratifying to hear that our customers get a lot of benefit from what we provide.”

Founded in 2006, ezLandlordForms originated out of the need for easily accessible, accurate leases with appropriate regulatory language in every state. When CEO Kevin Kiene searched for a site that had this information available, it didn't exist. Selling all of his rental homes to build ezLandlordForms, he set out to develop a site where landlords could find a wealth of resources and support in addition to necessary documents. And from there, the company grew.

Now the site offers not only various free documents, but also premium packages with additional forms, state-specific legal requirements and a place to keep tenants' personal information and documents safe and accessible, even if the account lapses.

Premium accounts start at $29.95 for one month, $39.95 for six months, and extend all the way to four-year packages available for the long-term investor ($249.95). With each year of subscription, customers receive a deeper discount. The best benefit of the premium packages is the state-specific leases available without having to consult an attorney.

It’s quick and easy to use our lease wizard, and in 20 minutes you can have all the disclaimers and addendums applicable to your state,” Davis said. “We have a very diligent legal team staffed full time, and we dedicate a lot of resources to make sure that our documents will hold up if ever challenged.”

Other services offered include fast tenant screenings with credit and criminal background checks available for $29.95 per application ($24.95 for premium account holders). This service allows landlords to receive full credit reports and FICO scores without having to comply with the complexities and legal requirements that typically accompany credit checks.

Another service available is the rental property calculator on the site. Visitors can put in details about a property they are interested in buying, including purchase price and rehab expenses, recurring costs and potential rent to see if the purchase is a good investment. For those trying to decide which property is best, there is an option to compare up to three at one time.

The resources section of the site includes articles for real estate investors, details on state laws and listings of attorneys, hard money lenders and investment clubs in each state. The site is geared toward landlords with smaller portfolios who don’t have time to look up regulations in each state or stay up to date with law changes each year.

“Much of our mission is to educate landlords and property managers,” Davis said. “Our information and services have saved landlords a lot of time and money. We hope that our customers become even more knowledgeable by using our resources.”

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