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Posted by Hannah Lapin on Oct 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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In late 2019, we launched the Broker Digital Marketing Toolkit to help Visio Brokers scale their businesses and optimize their marketing efforts. The kit included basic tips on social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. Our Marketing Department has years of experience marketing rental loans, and we want to continue to share our experience with you.  In our brand, NEW Broker Email Marketing Toolkit, we are diving into email marketing best practices. Here's an overview of what you can expect to find:

Email Marketing Basics

Learn why email marketing matters to brokers, and how it can bring in new business if optimized properly.


Email Marketing Platforms

Forget Gmail or Yahoo! Learn about how investing in an email marketing platform can help you better reach your target audience. Plus, email marketing platforms come with amazing features that we will look at closely such as:

  • Contact Management- Manage all of your contacts and their email engagement
  • Email Campaign Optimization- Built-in features to draw in more business
  • Reporting Capabilities- Measure your email success


Email Marketing Metrics

This may sound scary, but we really strive to make email marketing as user-friendly as possible. You'd be surprised at the the substantial impact they can have. We're going to dive into:

  • Open Rates and How to Improve Them
  • Click-Through Rates and How to Improve Them
  • Unsubscribe Rates and How to Keep Contacts Engaged


Email Marketing Templates

No need to reinvent the wheel. Use our customizable templates for email success. 

Keep in mind, this is just a small preview of the invaluable materials included in the NEW Broker Email Marketing Toolkit. Download Your Copy Now, and post any marketing questions you have in the comments below.


Download the Broker Email Toolkit


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