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The Best Paid Property Management Tools For 2020

Best Paid Property Management Software

Ensuring you have the latest and greatest property management software is critical if you want to expertly manage any block of properties. From servicing and repairs management to accounting, and even tenant finding software, a great property management tool is essential.


But which tool to choose? Check out the best paid property management tools on the market currently,


1. Appfolio

Appfolio is a rental property management software that you can use for commercial, lease, student, and council properties. It helps with tasks such as marketing, financial, and asset management. You get reports on different business metrics, financial statements, among others.

  • Pricing: You have the option of different monthly plans depending on the type of property. There is, however, a $250 minimum fee
  • Pros: The cloud-based software is easy-to-use and features include a dedicated owners portal and helpful reporting tools
  • Cons: The monthly fee is a bit high

2. Property Operations Work Speed

Property Operations Work Speed from MRI will help with business Analytics, waste, and visitor management. You can use it for multiple properties, and is fantastic for the maintenance and inspection of your assets. The mobile app is excellent for submitting work orders and requests.

  • Pricing: You will have to contact the company through the website for a personalized quote
  • Pros: You have the benefits of the mobile app and you can use it for multiple properties
  • Cons: Most of the solutions are basic and do not allow for customization


3. Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a software that you can customize as per your preference. Once you get the hang of the software, the drop-down menus make it easy to use. You can take the Rent Manager University training course. Rent Manager will help you handle tasks such as accounting, asset management, work orders, marketing, and contact management. You also get to download relevant reports.

  • Pricing: There is a monthly flat-rate fee, but you have to go through the company for a quote. The pricing you get will depend on the size of the property and the aspects you want to cover
  • Pros: Set up is quick and suitable for properties of any size. It also has an interactive website creator and is mobile-friendly.
  • Cons: It may be difficult to use in the initial stages


4. Re-leased

Re-leased works well for different types of properties and will allow you to automate workflows. You can collaborate, delegate, and communicate with workers and tenants. You can also set it to send you reminders for critical tasks. You also get to integrate it with Outlook, Google Calendar, and Microsoft 365.

  • Pricing: You will need to request for a quote from the company
  • Pros: You will get help with different types of properties, and you can access many of the functionalities via cloud. Plus, it come with enterprise-level security
  • Cons: No transparency in pricing


​​​​​​​5. Buildium

Buildium will streamline your property management processes such as maintenance, rent collection, vacancy announcements, and accounting. Rent collection is easier due to the tracking system. You also get reminders on late fees, and can generate relevant reports. The Buildium Academy has excellent resources for anyone who wants to learn about Property Management.

  • Pricing: Depends on the number of units, and ranges from $45 for 20 units per month. You can get more information on the pricing scale on their website
  • Pros: Easy-to-use software, accounting capabilities, guided tours feature, and excellent customer support
  • Cons: Suitable for small and medium portfolios only and not equipped for mobile


Having the best software and using it are two different things. Managing a property or group of properties takes time, effort, dedication and expertise. At Scanlans, we use the latest technology to support our residential block management clients. We’re able to provide a seamless service encompassing all repairs and professional services.

Scanlans Property Management is a leading Residential Block Management company based in Manchester, UK.

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