A Look at Why or Why Not Baby Boomers Book Vacation Rentals

    Posted by Hannah Lapin on Nov 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

    Why Baby Boomers Stay in Vacation Rentals

    According to an AARP Report on 2019 Boomer Travel Trends, baby boomers are avid travelers and will spend over $6,000 annually on travel. This group, which is made up of anyone ages 51+, looks for authentic experiences and aims to spend time with loved ones through travel. The question is, how do baby boomers feel about vacation rentals compared to hotels? Here are some reasons baby boomers choose to rent homes or reasons they prefer hotels that are highlighted in the AARP Report.  

    Why Baby Boomers Opt for Vacation Rentals

    • Cost of a vacation rental is less expensive than a hotel- 74%
    • More amenities- 72%
    • Makes trip less expensive- 62%
    • More space- 61%
    • The opportunity to live like locals- 46%
    • Better locations- 40%
    • Accommodates large groups- 40%

    Why Baby Boomers Opt for Hotels Rather than Vacation Homes

    • They prefer hotel services- 47%
    • Don’t need the space- 19%
    • Not familiar with vacation rental industry- 14%
    • Don’t want a residential area- 14%
    • Don’t feel as safe- 12%
    • Heard negative reviews about vacation rentals- 9%
    • Don’t want to be “off the beaten path”- 7%

    If you are looking to draw more baby boomers to your vacation rentals, highlight the positives for them in your online listings. Additionally, look for opportunities to make them more comfortable with your vacation rentals such as increasing the security or offering services that hotels offer, such as maid service and dry cleaning services.

    Learn more about baby boomer travel habits and what appeals to baby boomers in the full AARP Report. Also check out our blog post “Generations of Vacationers and How to Attract Them.” For more vacation rental tips and resources, check out our Investor Resources Page.

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