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A Look at Where Baby Boomers Travel and Stay

Where Baby Boomers Travel

Baby Boomers, the generation that was born between 1946 and 1964, are avid travelers and spend an average of over $6k per year on travel. If you are looking to draw Baby Boomers to your vacation rentals, it is helpful to understand their travel behaviors including which destinations and accommodations they prefer. AARP published a report on 2019 Travel Trends. Here is a look at the top domestic states and regions that draw Baby Boomers and where they choose to stay, according to the report.


Top Domestic Regions that Draw Baby Boomers

  • South- 38%
  • West- 29%
  • Northeast- 16%
  • Midwest- 12%
  • Pacific Northwest- 4%


Top Domestic States that Draw Baby Boomers

  • Florida- 17%
  • California- 11%
  • Texas- 5%
  • New York- 5%
  • Nevada (specifically Las Vegas)- 5%
  • Alaska- 4%
  • Colorado- 3%
  • Hawaii- 3%
  • Illinois- 3%
  • North and South Carolina- 3%


Top Domestic Accommodations that Draw Baby Boomers

  • Hotel/Motel- 66%
  • With Friends and Family- 38%
  • Resort- 20%
  • AirBnb/VRBO-10%
  • Cruise Ship/Cabin- 8%
  • Company Managed Vacation Rental Home- 7%
  • Bed and Breakfast- 5%
  • Campground- 4%

For more insight on the travel behaviors of Baby Boomers, check out the full AARP Report. Also check out our blog post "Generations of Vacationers and How to Attract Them" for intel on how you can make your vacation rentals appealing to Baby Boomers. For more vacation rental resources, visit our Resources Page.

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