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A Look at the Visio Lending Referral Program Platform

This past May we launched our brand new Referral Program, boasting a comprehensive platform to enable our Referral Partners to make and track referrals. Referral Partners can refer us as many people as they want, and they will earn $500 for each referral who closes on a loan. Here’s a look at our platform and how each of the pages work to enable you to make money and build wealth:

The Home Page

RP Home Page

As seen in the preview, the Home Page is where Referral Partners can make referrals. There are seven methods of referring to Visio: send an email, post to Facebook, post to LinkedIn, post to Twitter, get a personal URL, print cards, or suggest a Referral.

My Account Page

RP Status

On this page, Referral Partners can monitor the status of their referrals. They have a preview of accepted referrals, successful referrals, and dollars earned. Additionally, Referral Partners have an in-depth breakdown of the categories.

Edit Profile

RP Edit Profile

If Referral Partners need to change their email address or contact information, this is the page to do it.

Change Password

Change Password RP

We always recommend regularly updating your password for security purposes. You can do that on this page. If you forget your password, do not worry! There is a “Forgot Password” button on the Login Page.

Bank Info

Bank Info RP

This page is extremely important for those Referral Partners wanting to earn their money. We must have your bank account information stored securely in our platform in order to process your referral payments. At any point, if you change your bank account information or what your payments on a different tab, you can revisit this page to update.

Tax Info

Tax Info

Like the bank info page, this page is absolutely necessary to receive your referral payments. Do not forget to update this page!

Have more questions about our Visio Referral Program? Visit our FAQ Page. Ready to start referring? Register for our Referral Program.

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