7 Types of Blog Posts for Brokers (with Examples)

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jun 6, 2019 9:00:00 AM

7 Types of Blog Posts for Brokers (1)

We’ve dedicated a lot of space in our “Broker Marketing Tips” to explain to brokers why they need to have blogs and how to set up a blog. So, you may be wondering what you should actually blog about. In our  post “15 Blog Post Ideas for Brokers” we give you a handful of topics to get you started. Another method of determining what to write about is to consider the types of blog posts and pick topics from there. Here are seven types of blog posts that brokers can work with:

  1. Checklists- Checklists are a very simple and useful type of blog post. Some examples could be:
    • Documents Needed Checklist
    • Home Inspection Checklist
    • Closing Checklist
  2. Quizzes- Take some of your other content and turn it into a quiz. (We really like SurveyMonkey as a quiz generator.) Some examples:
    • Mortgage Terminology Quiz
    • Rate Structure Quiz
  3. Comparisons- Clients are always interested in doing all the research to pick the best loan fit, so do the work for them. Comparisons could be:
    • Loan Program Comparisons
    • Rate Structure Comparisons
  4. Lists- Everyone loves lists, and you can create them on just about anything. Here are some examples for brokers:
    • 10 Reasons Why You Need a Mortgage Broker
    • 5 Questions to Ask Your Broker
  5. Interviews- Interview your colleagues and fellow industry experts. You could do something like:
    • An Interview with a Top Realtor in Chicago
  6. Case Studies- Shopping customers love to learn how other clients benefited from your expertise. Some ideas to share are:
    • Unusual Loan Scenarios You Helped Find Financing For
    • Low Down Payment Scenarios
  7. How-To Guides- We like how to’s because we have information to share that our clientele may be looking for. Some broker how to’s could be:
    • How to Refinance Your Mortgage
    • How to Improve Your Credit Score

Other types of blog posts for brokers are industry news, beginners’ guides, cheat sheets, and event summaries. Want more Broker tools and marketing ideas? See our Broker & Partner Resources Page. Want to become an Approved Visio Broker? Check out our Broker Program.  

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