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7 Kinds of Visio Referral Partners

7 Kinds of Referral Partners

We just launched our brand, new Referral Program, a comprehensive platform that enables Referral Partners to send and track referrals. There are seven different methods to refer to us, including social media, emails, and a personal URL. And for every referral that closes on a loan, you can earn $500. So, you may be wondering, who qualifies as a Referral Partner? Essentially, anyone who knows real estate investors can send them our way, though here are seven kinds of Referral Partners we see a lot:

  1. Property Managers

    Property managers work directly with buy and hold investors, so they can easily reach them. Plus, the more investor clients who grow their rental portfolios, the more assets property managers have under management. Win, win, win.
  2. Realtors

    Lots of savvy investors rely on realtors to help them find the best investments. Through our Referral Program, realtors can not only earn commission, but also help their clients get financing AND earn referral fees.
  3. Hard Money Lenders

    Buy and hold investors often use our financing to pay off hard money loans in full. Bonus for the hard money lender, get your loan paid back AND earn a referral fee of $500.
  4. Appraisers

    Since appraisals involve a lot of hands-on effort, our Referral Program is the perfect passive income stream for appraisers.
  5. Real Estate Investors

    Most real estate investors know other real estate investors. Through our Referral Program, you can help us, help your fellow investors, and earn $500 to boot.
  6. Brokers

    For brokers who don’t have the time to add rental loans to their arsenal of products, yet continue to get requests for SFR rental loans, they can send them our way. We’ll do the work, and they’ll do the earning.
  7. Renters

    Do you rent out a single-family home? Ask your landlord if they need financing to grow their rental portfolio.

Ready to get started? Sign up to be a Referral Partner at Want tips to find real estate investors? See our Finding Investor Resources.

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