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4 Ways to Use Your Referral Program Personal URL

How to Use Your Referral Program Personal URL

Through the new Visio Lending Referral Program, we have seven methods for Referral Partners to send us referrals: Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Printed Cards, Suggest a Referral, and Get a Personal URL. The last method itself offers a lot of flexibility for Referral Partners on how they wish to refer to us. Here are four ideas of how you can use your Personal Referral URL to generate referrals, and earn $500 for each one who closes on a loan! 

  1. Write a Blog Post about Visio Lending’s Financing.

    Are you a property manager, realtor or someone with a blog that reaches landlords? Write a blog about Visio Lending’s 30-year rental loans for residential rental and vacation properties, and link to us using your personal URL. That way you can get credit for referrals and earn $500 for each referral who closes on a loan.
  2. Share Your Personal URL on Social Media.

    While the Referral Platform enables you to log into Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to share a post about Visio Lending, you can also just use your Personal URL to post to any platform you want. Check out some of our Tweet ideas.
  3. Share Via Email.

    Like social media, the Referral Program Platform enables you to send emails to potential borrowers. However, you only have the ability to enter one contact name at a time (you can still send to multiple contacts). If you want to share information about our loan products with your entire database, draft the message on your email platform and use your personal URL for tracking abilities.
  4. Send a Text.

    Did you know that the average American looks at their cell phone 150+ times a day? If you have a good referral, text them about Visio Lending and send them your personal URL.

To get your personal URL, go to the “My Account” Page on the Referral Program Platform. Be sure to follow the FTC Guidelines for personal URLs highlighted in the Terms and Conditions.

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