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4 Ways to Refer to Visio Using Your Website

Use Your Website to Refer to Visio

If you have a website that draws in real estate investors, provide them with a superior financing solution AND earn passive income through the Visio Lending Referral Program. We pay $500 for each referral who closes on a loan, and our Referral Program Platform offers a seamless solution to link to us with tracking. Simply generate a personal URL and start sharing away. Here are three ides of how to incorporate your link on your website.

  1. Include your personal URL on your FAQ Page.

    You can include a question about where to get financing for rental properties and recommend Visio Lending. Don’t forget to mention some of our key marketing points.
  2. Link to us on your Home Page.

    Consider putting a blurb on your home page that says something along the lines of “Finance Your Rental with the Nation’s Leader in Rental Loans. Check out Visio Lending.”
  3. Write a blog about Visio.

    If you have a blog, consider blogging about vacation rental and rental property financing. Here are some ideas of how Referral Partners can blog about Visio.
  4. Recommend Visio Lending on a Trusted Partners Page.

    If you work closely with investors, they will genuinely appreciate recommendations. You can create a page of recommendations such as contractors, realtors, property managers, etc. and of course Visio as a trusted lender. You can even show some of our customer reviews.

Remember as long as you use your personal URL, anybody that comes to Visio through the link will be credited to you.  And you will earn $500 per closed loan as long as you follow the FTC Guidlines outlined in our Referral Program Terms and ConditionsStart referring now at Not yet signed up? Sign up at

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Find more tips on how to be a successful referral partner on our Resources Page!

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