4 Tips to Invest in Curb Appeal and Sell Your Property Faster

Posted by Mike Johnston on Feb 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

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Whether you’re an investor or a homeowner, when you’re looking to sell your property you shouldn’t just focus on the interior appeal. Sure, the interior will seal the deal in the end, but the exterior creates that all-important first impression. Quite simply, if the curb appeal is not on par with the best of the best in the neighborhood, you won’t be able to sell or rent your property for the best price. Investing in the curb appeal is especially important when you’re selling, because the top buyers want nothing but the best for themselves and their families.

They want to see that the property is well-kept, and they expect a certain level of quality to the exterior. With that in mind, it’s not just about creating a smart home or staging the interior, it’s also about attracting the top buyers through a strong curb appeal. Here are the four tips all investors and sellers should know about creating the best curb appeal around.

Cleanliness and Organization Come First

Firstly, you need to tidy up and organize the exterior. There can be no room for clutter or anything that can impair the visual appeal of the property. Don’t just think of the curb appeal as the property itself, think of it as something that the potential buyer can see as they’re approaching. Move away from the property and tidy up everything around it.

If there are garbage bins on the sidewalk, move them out of sight. If the sidewalk is cracked or the street right in front of the property has potholes, get in touch with the local administrative services to get the street fixed ASAP. It’s these upgrades and changes that will motivate the buyer to continue to your property instead of turning around.

Landscaping Elevates the Value of the Property

Next, understand that there can be no room for untidy greenery, wild shrubbery, or less-than-perfect lawns. If you want to paint a welcoming picture for the potential buyer, then the greenery in and around the property needs to complement the design. This is why professional landscaping is so important.
Investing in the right landscaping project for your property can make all the difference. Start by rejuvenating the lawn. Tidy up the front and back yards, and plant a flower garden. Frame the design of the property with these changes in order to raise its value and sell it for top dollar fast.

The Dream of the "White Picket Fence"

When people look for a home, they’re looking for that picture-perfect property that radiates family values. They also want privacy and that “white picket fence” look that creates a cozy and welcoming feeling.

There’s no better way to inspire these feelings than to invest in a beautiful fence around the property. No matter where your property is located, good fencing supplies are easy to come by, and you can choose between a myriad of designs and styles to perfectly complement the look of the property. Of course, the fence doesn’t have to be white, rather it’s about evoking the right emotions and welcoming the buyers to their new home.

Repainting for a Beautiful Exterior

Moving in towards the house itself, there’s nothing that sparks that homey vibe than a beautiful paint job. Make sure that the paint is new and radiant to capitalize on the new-paint glow. Don’t forget to fix and repaint all outdoor wooden elements as well, and put up a new front door if need be.

A beautiful front door is one of those small details that will inspire the buyer to venture inside. Together, these small remodels make a big impact and will help you save money when investing in real estate and selling properties.

Wrapping Up

Selling a property often comes down to the interior, but the exterior is what inspires people to check out the rest of the property. Make sure to invest heavily in the curb appeal to motivate the top buyers to get in touch and offer top dollar for your property.


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