4 Reasons to Join the Visio Referral Program

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Nov 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Why Join the Visio RP

Through the Visio Lending Referral Program, Referral Partners can refer to Visio Lending in one of seven methods AND earn $500 for each referral who closes on a loan with us.  Our comprehensive Referral Platform enables Referral Partners to make and track referrals 24/7. If you’re not yet signed up, here’s four reasons to join:

  1. You already know real estate investors.

    Perhaps you’re a realtor or property manager and work with real estate investors regularly. Or perhaps you are a hard money lender and get regular requests for long-term rental property financing. If finding investors is not challenging for you, why not send them our way?
  2. You can provide an additional service to real estate investors.

    Access to the Internet has taken the real estate industry to a whole new level, including the need for outstanding customer service. For realtors, hard money lenders, and property managers, your clients are sure to appreciate a referral to a solid, direct lender.
  3. We do all the work and you get paid.

    Through our Referral Program, your whole job is to pass us possible referrals through our Referral Platform. We then do the marketing, paperwork, loan processing, etc., and you can make $500 simply for the referral.
  4. You can count on us to take excellent care of your referrals.

    Visio Lending is the nation’s leader in rental loans for a reason. We’re an expert, direct lender with thousands of satisfied customers. See what our customers have to say. You can feel comfortable that your referrals will have a great experience with us, and we will help them grow their rental portfolios.

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