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4 Blog Ideas for Referral Partners with Resources

Referral Partner Blog Ideas

Through the Visio Lending Referral Program, Referral Partners can refer real estate investors to Visio in one of seven methods including posting to social media, sending an email, suggesting a referral, and by generating a personal URL. A personal URL gives Referral Partners lots of flexibility to generate referrals through a trackable link. We highly recommend, particularly for property managers and realtors, Referral Partners write blog posts about Visio Lending using their personal URL. If you’re wondering what to write about, here are four topic ideas, plus resources to help you out.

  1. Topic: Investor Financing Options

    Write about the types of financing available for single family residential rental properties highlighting how Visio Lending’s loan programs are specifically designed for buy and hold investors. Refer to these resources:
  2. Topic: How to Finance A Vacation Rental

    Write about the methods to finance a vacation or short-term rental property, including the nuances of financing these properties. Explain how Visio “makes sense of the short-term rents” and underwrites these properties. Refer to these resources:
  3. Topic: How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio

    Give tips for investors looking to expand their portfolios of rental properties. One great method- refinance their current rental properties with Visio Lending. Refer to these resources:
  4. Topic: Understanding Portfolio Loans

    Explain the concept of portfolio loans and how investors can finance multiple properties with one loan, one closing, and one monthly payment through Visio Lending. Refer to these resources:

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