3 Visio Myths- Debunked!

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Dec 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM

3 Visio Myths

Since Visio Lending is a leader of a movement of a new kind of finance dedicated to rental loans, there is often confusion about our space. We've taken a closer look at some of the common misconceptions about Visio Lending and our type of financing, and corrected them for you:

Visio Lending is a hard money lender. 

  • Visio is a direct private lender, and our focus is on providing long-term loans to help landlords grow their rental portfolios. While both Visio and hard money lenders fall into the private sector, there are actually some key differences.

You have to be licensed to broker loans to Visio. 

  • Actually, we don't require licensing except for in California. That means that not only can you broker to us if you don't have a license, but also you can broker loans to us in multiple states. Plus, a designated Account Executive and in-house processing makes our Broker Program simple to manage.

You have to finance through an entity (LLC) to get financing through Visio.

  • Although there are many benefits to financing through an LLC, such as tax benefits and added liability protection, we work directly with individual borrowers as well. Due to state specific laws, properties in Georgia, Massachusetts, and Virginia must be financed through an entity.

At Visio, we strive to provide landlords with the fastest, simplest, and most dependable financing and tailor our loan programs to do so. To learn more about our requirements, see our FAQ Page. For landlord insights and resources, see our Resources Page.

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