3 Content Email Templates for Brokers to Use this July 2020

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jul 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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Content emails build trust and establish industry authority. Plus, HubSpot Marketing Software found that 53% of consumers say free content on a relevant topic draws them to a business. At Visio Lending, not only do we provide regular content on the Visio Blog for you to share, but we also put together these templates to get you started this July. Stay tuned for ongoing templates to keep your clients engaged. 

The Current Event Content Email

Use to: share helpful content related to what is happening in the world and answer questions your clients may have. 

Content for this piece: "Forbearance vs. Deferrals"

Email goal: Explain the difference between forbearance and deferrals for borrowers looking for COVID assistance. 

Subject Line: Forbearance vs. Deferrals 

Preview Text (pre-header text): Understand the key differences between forbearance and deferrals. Plus, learn how to create a forbearance plan.

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As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc and as more tenants seek rent help, landlords are starting to turn to their lenders for assistance. When it comes to landlord mortgage assistance there are two key options: forbearance and deferrals. A mortgage forbearance plan is when all payments are due at the time after forbearance. For instance, if your mortgage is $2,000 and you skip three months, after the three months are over you will owe $8,000. A mortgage deferral, on the other hand, is when the missed payments are added on to the end of the contract. So, in this case, if you skip three months of $2,000 payments and your contract is completed in June, you will need to make a $2,000 payment for July, August, and September.

While a deferral plan might sound more appealing to avoid paying a hefty amount of cash at once, many lenders cannot offer them. Here’s why.

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The Educational Content Email with a Specific Goal

Use to: share a piece of relevant content that promotes a specific action.

Content for this piece: "Expand Your Wealth with a Cash-Out Refinance"

Email goal: Encourage borrowers to come to you for help with a cash-out refinance by explaining the benefits of a refi.

Subject Line: Grow Your Portfolio with a Cash-Out Refi

Preview Text (pre-header text): Learn about how cash-out refinancing can enable you to quickly grow your rental portfolio. 

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Looking to further your real estate investing but not sure where to start? Consider pulling cash out of a current rental property. A cash-out refinance is when you replace your mortgage with a new loan for a higher amount. The difference in cash is yours, which gives you an edge on new investments. Here are all the ways we recommend using cash-out refinances to expand your wealth:

1.Renovate and up the value of the property you pull cash out of-

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The General Educational Content Email

Use to: share a piece of content your client's will find interesting and useful.

Content for this piece: "Understanding Series LLCs"

Email goal: Provide value to your clients.

Subject Line: Understanding Series LLCs

Preview Text (pre-header text): Learn more about LLCs and how they can help landlords with added liability protection.

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As a landlord, one of the key benefits of holding title for your rental properties through an LLC is to protect your personal assets. If someone is seriously injured or there is another unfortunate incident at one of your rental properties, and you get sued, without the protection of an LLC, your personal assets are at risk. This concept gets more complicated for landlords who own multiple rental properties. For instance, if you own 50 rental properties through one LLC and an incident happens at one property, all 50 properties are at risk. If you own 50 properties through 50 LLCs, you may have quite the administrative headache. This is where the concept of Series LCCs comes in.

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In order to successfully bulk email your clients and for optimal presentation, we recommend using an email marketing platform, such as Zoho or Constant Contact. For more email marketing tutorials, sign up for our email updates.  Also be sure to check out our Broker & Partner Resources Page.

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