15 Interesting Vacation Rental Host Statistics

Posted by Hannah Lapin on May 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Vacation Rental Host Statistics

We have worked hard to bring our vacation rental investors ample tips and tricks to be successful with their vacation rental strategies, and we have covered everything from what to include in your vacation rental to how to get guests their keys. (Check out our Vacation Rental Tips for all our intel.)  While we have provided advice based on our industry knowledge, we were curious to see the research on what hosts were actually doing. Here is some interesting data from BuildUp’s 2019 Vacation Rental Statistics on how vacation rental hosts manage their rentals. 

  • 57% of hosts provide a welcome basket to guests upon arrival.
  • 63% of homeowners reply to travelers within an hour of receiving a booking inquiry.
  • 68% of hosts use white bath towels at their vacation homes.
  • 98.7% of hosts provide sheets for their guests.
  • 75% of hosts provide white sheets for their guests.
  • 63% of hosts provide two towel sets per guests.
  • 5% of hosts provide one towel per guest.
  • 69% of hosts provide four pillows per king, queen, and full bed.
  • 9% of hosts send welcome emails to their guests.
  • 6% of hosts provide a brand-new sponge and dish soap for each guest.
  • 44% of hosts leave one roll of paper towels per guest.
  • 53% of hosts leave two rolls of paper towels per guest.
  • 41% of hosts get their carpets professionally cleaned twice per year/
  • 42% of hosts deep clean their BBQ grill twice per year.
  • 75% of hosts use polyester-filled pillows, while the remaining 25% use feather and other material pillows.

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