How to Land a Job at the Startup of Your Dreams

By: Matthew Kosinski,

Jeff Ball knows startups. In 2013, he founded Visio Financial Services, an online lending platform for residential real estate investors, and the company has grown quickly since then. (Ball currently serves as president and CEO of Visio). Ball is also the president and one of the founders of Econohomes, which buys and resells “distressed” investment properties, and which has earned Ball a spot in the Inc. 500 two times over.

It makes sense, then, to turn to Ball on a topic like “how to land a job at the startup of your dreams.” Ball knows how to run a successful startup — and part of doing so is hiring the right people to staff the company. Ball knows what startups look for when screening candidates, and he also knows what job seekers should be looking for when they’re considering applying for a job at a startup.

Want to Work for a Startup? First, Be Comfortable With Change and Uncertainty

Ball notes that anyone who has spent their whole whole career in a large, highly bureaucratic organization may be uncomfortable with the rapid pace of change and the level of uncertainty that are inherent to life in a startup.

“The way I describe it internally is, we’re building the plane while it’s in the air,” Ball says. “People who have been in a 747 their whole career, they’re not going to be very comfortable with changing the engine at 30,000 feet.”

On the other hand, if a job seeker is flexible and focused on being useful to their company, then a startup may be a good choice for them.

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