Regulation A+: What Do Industry Leaders Think About The New Investment Crowdfunding Exemption

BY: JD ALOIS, Crowdfund Insider 

Title IV of the JOBS Act became an actionable exemption as of June 19, 2015. The highly anticipated exemption known as a Reg A+, was enacted in an effort to fix a previously untenable securities rule. Issuers may raise up to $50 million in securities which are freely transferable. Visio CEO, Jeff Ball gave his take on the new possibilities with Reg A+.

"I’m interested to see how companies utilize the ‘testing the waters’ provision of Reg A+ to see how effective it will really be," Ball said. "We plan to observe the successes and challenges other companies face before making a move. As we’ve seen in the past, many times these new regulations don’t necessarily make it easier to raise capital, despite their good intentions."

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