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In response to the robust real estate market and increased landlord loan originations in Atlanta, Ga., Visio Lending is pleased to announce the opening of their first location outside of their corporate office in Austin, Texas, as well as the hiring of Michael Braswell and Kweillin “KG” Gordon as local Account Executives dedicated to serving residential real estate investors, landlords and brokers in the greater Atlanta area.

Visio offers loans to landlords focused on building rental portfolios. Specializing in landlord finance, Visio is committed to providing landlords with the ultimate borrowing experience. As one of the hottest real estate markets post-recession and with increasing rent prices and new home starts up 8% since last year, Atlanta remains one the best places in the country for landlords. In fact, Visio’s own Residential Real Estate Investor Report named Georgia as number two of the top states for residential real estate investors last year.


Dozell Varner

Dozell Varner has an MBA from Western Governors University.

Phone: (407) 600-7085


About Visio Lending
As the leader in landlord finance, Visio Lending is revolutionizing a new era of real estate investing. While the population of renters continues to climb, landlords require financing from a lender who understands their needs. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and available in 34 states across the country, Visio is fully capitalized and always ready to lend. Dedicated to serving the under-served landlord investor space, they focus on bringing long-term financing to investors with multiple rental properties and have funded nearly 4,000 loans in the last five years alone. Visit www.visiolending.com for more information.