Capture new customers. Grow your repeat business. Increase your income.

As a broker, you present the best financing to your clients, and we are here to help. By becoming a Visio Broker, you will receive up to 3 pts on each closed loan you send us.

Broker Program Highlights: 


earn 3 pts
Earn up to 3 pts per closed loan
Designated Account Manager & In House Processing
Designated Account Executive and in-house processing keeps your workload down
free white paper and marketing materials
Free resources and white paper and marketing materials
No license required
No license required; means multiple state opportunities


Know any landlords that need our financing? Sign up to be a Visio Broker, and earn up to 300 bps on every closed loan.


How Our Broker Program Works:

If you have not worked with us in the past, simply fill out the form to the right and an Account Executive will be in touch regarding your approval.

If you have worked with us in the past, contact your Account Executive directly. 


 Conventional Rates & Private Lending Terms to Help Landlords Grow their Rental Portfolios

Refinance Loans

Cash-out or rate & term; We only require 30 day-seasoning for refinancing. See our rates.

Purchase Loans

.Advance rates up to 80% on rent-ready homes. See our rates.


Closed Loans and Counting 


Here is what we can offer your clients as the premier lender for landlords:


30 day seasoning
30 day seasoning on refinances
Fast closings
 Our average closing time is 21 business days
No Balloons
Long-term financing, 30 year without balloons
Up to 80% LTV on purchases, 75% LTV on cash-out refis
Flexible Payment
Flexible fees, payment structures, and use of proceeds

Learn more about why buy and hold investors keep coming back to us at Not in the business of brokering commercial purpose rental loans or see opportunities from time to time? Or too busy to integrate a product offering into your broker lineup? Check out our Referral Program.



Resources for Brokers


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work with investors
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5 reasons mortgage brokers should consider working with investors 
Visio Broker Checklist
Visio Requirement Checklist
When finding a borrower, use this list to see if Visio is a good fit