Foreclosures Down from 2015

According to CoreLogic’s 2016 National Foreclosure Report, the country’s foreclosures, both inventory and completions, is down from one year prior. Inventory was down 29.1 percent, while completions were down 16.5 percent from July 2015.

Foreclosure completions totaled 34,000, down from 41,000 in 2015. In September 2010 at the peak of the housing crisis, there were 118,009 foreclosure completions. Foreclosure completions indicate total homes lost to foreclosure, while foreclosure inventory refers to homes at any stage of the process.

Foreclosure inventory in July 2016 totaled 355,000 or 0.9 percent of homes with mortgages, down from 501,000 or 1.3 percent of total homes last year.