Rehab Returns Highest in Eight Years

Rehabbing your home can pay back big according to Remodeling magazine’s most recent Cost Vs. Value report. Based on the 27 home improvement projects studied in this year’s analysis, 64.4% of dollars used for rehab were regained if the home was sold within one year. This number is up from 62% in 2015 and represents the second-largest return in the past eight years.

Courtesy of Remodeling magazine.

Courtesy of Remodeling magazine.

Topping the list of upscale home improvement projects with the biggest returns, calculated by national averages, were bathroom addition at 56.7% cost recouped, bathroom remodel at 57.5% cost recouped and deck addition (composite) at 57.7% cost recouped.   

National average returns for mid-range rehab projects showed even higher returns with attic insulation (116.9% recouped cost), manufactured stone veneer (92.9% recouped cost) and garage door replacement (91.5% recouped cost) rounding out the top three spots.

The interactive, online report allows visitors to see the cost vs. value of projects by region with specific market data including city job costs, resale value, cost recouped and regional/national comparison available in downloadable PDF.