2015 Visio Survey Recap: Looking Back on Last Year's Results

The time for our annual survey is here. You may have received our email about taking a few minutes to take our survey aimed at further understanding the real estate investment market year after year. We thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of main findings in the 2015 survey. We can’t wait to find out this year’s results.

In 2015 we found that 34 percent of the roughly 700 respondents were broadening their property searches outside their home states; and compared with 2014, 63 percent more investors were looking at price brackets over $200K.

Additionally, investors planned to mix their strategies more aggressively, doing both fix-and-flip deals and building up rental portfolios. Did they mix their strategies as they predicted? Our 2016 survey will let us know.

And what tools did respondents say they needed most? 2015 survey results indicated that money was a major factor holding back residential investors. Of the part-time investors, 58 percent cited a lack of money as a major deterrent to their goal of becoming full time, while 35 percent said they lacked access to lender capital.

To make your voice heard this year, click here to take the survey and be the first to hear of the results. We will release the full report, free to the public in May, 2016.