App to Try: Real Estate Investing Analyst

Hate running the numbers on your real estate opportunities? Let the Real Estate Investing Analyst app do it for you. The free app (with available in-app purchases) determines whether or not the property will cash flow using just a few data points or hundreds, giving investors the ability to go quick or in-depth on the financial analysis of a property.

The app evaluates single-family, multi-family and commercial investments, structures financing and determines pricing. Other features include their Financing Likelihood Indicator, which shows the viability of proposed financing, the ability to find and download property data provided by actual investors, income tax projections including benefits and building depreciation, a built-in mortgage calculator, and unlimited expense items on each property.

In-app purchases run from $0.99 for a seven-day personalization to $19.99 for the “Advanced Investor.” Reviews state that the app is easy, efficient and just as good as any paid app, with the current rating being five stars. Check it out, here.