Attract the Right Tenant with Stand-out Online Ad

We’ve all been there. You sit down to write an ad about your new property and end up staring at a blank screen. After knowing everything there is to know about your real estate investment, you are suddenly without words. It’s not because you don’t have anything to say—you do. Perhaps even more than will fill the page. But you want to get the attention of the right tenant who will take care of your property, pay you on time and be a great neighbor. You can’t just start rattling off details. Never fear. Follow our five simple rules for placing a rental ad, and you’ll be in business.

  1. The headline matters. If your potential renters are looking through a slew of listings, you want your ad to stand out—and not because of an excess of exclamation points. Focus on a key feature of the home. Instead of saying, Three-bedroom, Two-bath Home Available Immediately, try: Private Bungalow, Vaulted Ceilings & Hardwoods in Uptown Arts District. Be descriptive, focus on the features and mention the neighborhood.
  2. Adjectives rule. It goes without saying that detailed photos of your property, staged in the right way, provide the best view for the potential tenant. But pictures aren’t the only way to entice would-be renters. Use words that bring your property to life. Stay away from common adjectives like good, beautiful and nice. Those words are everywhere and the tenant will just pass them over. Try instead words like, charming, classy, exceptional or cozy.
  3. Use a mix of paragraphs and bullets. There’s nothing more daunting than looking at a page chock-full of text, or line after line of details with no formidable story. The solution? A mix of both. Start your ad with a few sentences highlighting the most interesting features of the property, what makes it unique and what it would be like to live there. Put the details in a shorter bulleted list. Do you accept pets, what appliances are included and what is the square footage? Answer these questions in the bulleted list.
  4. Write to your audience. Are you looking for a nice family of four with two steady incomes to move into your home? Talk about the great school district the house is in, it’s proximity to nearby playgrounds and the quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. By listing features that parents would appreciate, you’ll be sure to attract your target renter. Alternatively, if you’d ideally like a young professional to move in, talk about the night life, unique restaurants nearby and outdoor recreational areas, maybe even a dog park close to the property.
  5. Be upfront. If you want to get along with your tenants, you’ll want someone who is responsible and trust-worthy. The best way to reach a person with those qualities is to build trust yourself from the start. Be straight up about the property’s condition and any glaring flaws. And put a little of your personality in the ad. After all, what better way to reach the right tenant, than to find someone similar to you?